Friday, 26 December 2014

Quiet moment

Just having a quiet moment with my half made boat. Family holiday prevents me carry on the work and the forced reflective moment is like a long pause in an important speech. After such a pause i wonder weather i will still have the same feelings and sense of direction and drive to finish the boat. Will my sentiments change, what decisions to be made will be different, what mistakes will be made? As my life moves on the half built boat hangs in time like an animation still. Taking up the space before me with its own will, life to live, water to flow under its hull wind to flow over it and drive it, passengers crew and on lookers to inspire. Its birth is rooted in time and the many hands of the past, guiding its creation. What a risk, onlookers ask who's design is it, how can i answer this question, how far back do you go to the creators of tools and floaters of wood to travel over water. Its a new design and way to build i make up as i go along all elements of which come from others efforts to find there answer to the staying afloat problem. Influenced by the lines designs and construction methods of multiple sources, brought together by my mind and hands. Yes a great risk in time and resources, a stab in the dark with little experience of boat design, it could all go wrong, it could be a pig. A boat that might be happier going the opposite direction than intended, tipping over too easily rocking violently on every wave and scaring the crew, it might even upset onlookers as non traditional or not modern enough or to others it might look so wrong they will prevent its crew leaving the shore. Your not qualified you have no certificate or insurance enough experience. Building experience is my privilege and duty to the world. Guffaw will float will sail and will inspire.

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