Sunday, 1 July 2018

Four Stacks

Had great fun this morning finishing our art hay stacks with the families help.
So far these stacks have gone mostly unnoticed, sometimes met with recognition to there pointless nature by some and recognised by a very few as interesting artful creations inspiring reflections on our farming heritage and physical relationship with ecology.

Making these stacks annually i have often wondered how they have been received by local and visiting passers by. This week i have great pleasure in announcing that i have been invited to put forward an art project proposal along similar sentiments to some one who has admired these stacks and wants my art in his garden. Dreams do come true, developing my land art for site other than my own is so exciting. i have spent so much time considering these kinds of projects on our small steading that now ask to consider someone else's large space i find ideas are pouring out of me.