Saturday, 25 August 2018


Drawing yesterday afternoon with great relief and excitement for a private commission i have just started to make work in a local woodland. At this stage i am using drawing to take in the experience of being in this wood and on this occasion focusing on the yews and there character and the last drawing of an old coppice bowl. One of the pictures i could not resist doing up the tree, climbing to sit in a comfortable spot. Climbing the tree felt like a privilege, and one i think i may grant myself more regularly. I felt a peculiar jump back in time to my boyhood and a strange cocktail of recalled emotions from that time. Sitting intimately with trees and studying them puts the human experience into a unique perspective. Standing and sitting around the trees for a few hours, I joined in there game, a squirrel nearly ran up my leg and a buzzard flew close by unaware of my humane presents.