Thursday, 1 November 2018

from the dark enters the light

the spaces i have been visualising to make work in within the muse walk and woods are growing in my imagination, painting the tree scape with torch light has felt like creating the stage set. reflecting on the renewing cycles of life has brought me to begin seeing the motion, cycles, dynamic nature of nature and spaces and the human relation with that, to see the dance of life if you will imagine with me. i have also begun participating and assisting to inspire a 'deer dance' with a local contemporary dance group, with the choreographer claire pencak, which is giving me an insight into the dynamic world of movement, this insight will inform the works. i want to dance, move, find rhythms in the spaces next, i will be opening up the shutter of the camera again in low light, painting the scene and recording my movements within the space with a small light bulb, creating line drawings in the landscape with light. these i will use to inform the development of works to make in the spaces with material from the wood and landscape….. deep breaths… so excited….