Thursday, 16 July 2020

Hot shop progress

Fergus and me began setting up the hot shop this afternoon, after Making goodish and concreting the floor, it has a long way to go before its as i imagine it but its so much further on than the dream it had been for a long time. Cant wait to get the tool boards on the wall, and get some more work done and out the door.

Wednesday, 2 October 2019

edge proposal book

Finally I have finished making my sculpture project proposal book, printed in my darkroom on photographic paper and hand bound in a limited edition of 2. However, I have made available via the link attached an affordable version via blurb books, available online or signed copies from myself. The preview on blurb is set to show only a few pages, sorry you have to buy it to see the full 24 pages!

Thursday, 1 November 2018

from the dark enters the light

the spaces i have been visualising to make work in within the muse walk and woods are growing in my imagination, painting the tree scape with torch light has felt like creating the stage set. reflecting on the renewing cycles of life has brought me to begin seeing the motion, cycles, dynamic nature of nature and spaces and the human relation with that, to see the dance of life if you will imagine with me. i have also begun participating and assisting to inspire a 'deer dance' with a local contemporary dance group, with the choreographer claire pencak, which is giving me an insight into the dynamic world of movement, this insight will inform the works. i want to dance, move, find rhythms in the spaces next, i will be opening up the shutter of the camera again in low light, painting the scene and recording my movements within the space with a small light bulb, creating line drawings in the landscape with light. these i will use to inform the development of works to make in the spaces with material from the wood and landscape….. deep breaths… so excited….

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Open studio Hotpots art dancing

Our open studio has been the most exciting to date. Fabulous time and sales. My greatest pleasure has been the sharing of the nature and context of art making and the encouraging feed back that comes from this open sharing of art. Thank you to all those that came along and shared there enthusiasm. Thanks to Peter McGoldrick for sharing his amazing paintings.

Tuesday, 11 September 2018


Cutting dovetail draws for our kitchen. The stage is set on my workbench. Hours go by marking and cutting these old fashioned draws. The dovetail saw needed sharpening before i started. They take a long time but they will last my lifetime and beyond. Craftsmanship future proofing our kitchen storage needs. The value of this meditative repetitive process gives my mind time to focus and relax deeply from life's distractions. My creative thinking goes into overdrive in this quiet time in the background new thoughts pop up for the next project, sketch book to hand. Some times its hard to explain the value of this seemingly mindless activity, my hands carry out this work almost autonomously while my imagination drifts into a turbo charged creative overdrive. My good friend in science says this is called flow by some famous mind scientist i forget the name of.