Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Re: Instructions...

Just humour him John sure it will pan out just fine he has been reading too much touching the void and the like….
On 11 Sep 2018, at 19:27, David Platt <davidplatt01@btinternet.com> wrote:

It promises to be wall to wall rain this weekend so please pack accordingly!

Alasdair - our taxi ride will be in Ardrossan from 1900 - I've said we'll aim to leave no later than 1930. I can bring something to eat when we get to the boat but suggest that we might want to have eaten something beforehand- thoughts?

John - bring wellies, it's a dinghy ride to the boat when we get there.

Friday might be a big day - leaving the lagoon at 1000 and weather permitting arriving Campbeltown midnight ish. Tom's going to do some supper.

Saturday aiming for Tarbert for a night on the tiles and back to Ardrossan on Sunday in time for tea and medals.

thoroughly looking forward to it all.

I'll bring food.


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Cutting dovetail draws for our kitchen. The stage is set on my workbench. Hours go by marking and cutting these old fashioned draws. The dovetail saw needed sharpening before i started. They take a long time but they will last my lifetime and beyond. Craftsmanship future proofing our kitchen storage needs. The value of this meditative repetitive process gives my mind time to focus and relax deeply from life's distractions. My creative thinking goes into overdrive in this quiet time in the background new thoughts pop up for the next project, sketch book to hand. Some times its hard to explain the value of this seemingly mindless activity, my hands carry out this work almost autonomously while my imagination drifts into a turbo charged creative overdrive. My good friend in science says this is called flow by some famous mind scientist i forget the name of.

Thursday, 6 September 2018

Torch light

Torch light yew

Interesting evening looking at trees in the dark.

Saturday, 25 August 2018


Drawing yesterday afternoon with great relief and excitement for a private commission i have just started to make work in a local woodland. At this stage i am using drawing to take in the experience of being in this wood and on this occasion focusing on the yews and there character and the last drawing of an old coppice bowl. One of the pictures i could not resist doing up the tree, climbing to sit in a comfortable spot. Climbing the tree felt like a privilege, and one i think i may grant myself more regularly. I felt a peculiar jump back in time to my boyhood and a strange cocktail of recalled emotions from that time. Sitting intimately with trees and studying them puts the human experience into a unique perspective. Standing and sitting around the trees for a few hours, I joined in there game, a squirrel nearly ran up my leg and a buzzard flew close by unaware of my humane presents.

Sunday, 1 July 2018

Four Stacks

Had great fun this morning finishing our art hay stacks with the families help.
So far these stacks have gone mostly unnoticed, sometimes met with recognition to there pointless nature by some and recognised by a very few as interesting artful creations inspiring reflections on our farming heritage and physical relationship with ecology.

Making these stacks annually i have often wondered how they have been received by local and visiting passers by. This week i have great pleasure in announcing that i have been invited to put forward an art project proposal along similar sentiments to some one who has admired these stacks and wants my art in his garden. Dreams do come true, developing my land art for site other than my own is so exciting. i have spent so much time considering these kinds of projects on our small steading that now ask to consider someone else's large space i find ideas are pouring out of me.