Monday, 17 March 2014

Code flag statement

I love my new code flags. Just begun tweeting again and had to do this to address the balance of real sensory or direct connection to the world. Just put this code flag message at the end of my road. Can you work out what it says? I will send a wooden spoon to the first person who can tell me the answer.

1 comment:

  1. Ummm a difficult one the first is blue and yellow check - but their is no blue and yellow so must be black and yellow.
    the second flag is on its side, so the forth must be on upside down? umm dyslexic in flags too - but they are great because really it doesn't matter which way they go around? or does it?

    I recon-
    Kilo - Oscar- Victor- Lima- Echo- Whisky- India- November- Sierra
    Kovliewins - Kiev liers win ?! in Ukraine or Kiev wins?
    (K) I wish to communicate - (O) Man overboard - (V) I require assistance - (L) Stop your vessel - (E) Turning starboard - (W) I require medical assistance - (I) Turning Port- (N) negative no - (S) my engines are in astern propulsion.
    Hey, look at me, we are all drowning, please help, stop what your doing and call back, drink whiskey to right the pain and sometimes port, or, no lets just switch ourselves on and back right on out of here!
    lots of love
    sadie xxx